Camp Japan 2019

Welcome to Bridgetown Aikido’s CAMP JAPAN!


CAMP JAPAN is a unique day camp combining martial arts, art and culture. Lead by black belts, artists, musicians, and art educators, Camp Japan encourages kids to build their creativity, coordination, collaboration and self defense skills in an immersive experience that engages all the five senses!

Week 1 :: July 29 – August 2nd

Week 2 :: August 5 – August 9

$280 a week :: 9am – 2:30pm


• Aikido Training
• Japanese Calligraphy
• Japanese Cooking
• Aikido Weapons Training
• Rolling and Tumbling
• Meditation
• Japanese Folk Storytelling• Sword Cutting (watermelon)
• Mochi Eating
• Anime and Manga chill time