My boys have been going to Bridgetown Aikido for over a year. In addition to weekly classes, my older son also takes private lessons from Sensei Eddie. What a difference Sensei Eddie and Aikido have made in both of my boys lives! We came to Bridgetown Aikido because my older son was battling bullying issues at school, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. He walked into the dojo for the first time with his head down and very reserved. He is not the same kid! He walks tall with confidence and is enjoying life at home, school and Aikido. Sensei Eddie teaches with a firm but nurturing style that both of my sons (and there very different personalities) thrive with! Both boys have also benefitted form the physical benefits of Aikido. They are building strength, balance and control, which we’ve seen a difference in their daily activities as well as sports. I highly recommend Sensei Eddie and Bridgetown Aikido. it is one of the best extra curricular activities I have signed my boys up for. We’ll be here for a long time!

Thanks for everything over the past year! Aikido has been the best thing we have ever done as a father and son together. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate it.

I have found Sensei Eddie Frager to be extremely knowledgeable about Aikido and sensitive to the needs of his students. He is very personable, professional and works well with both kids and adults. He is patient and understanding when necessary and yet assertive and encouraging with his students which keeps me looking forward to my next opportunity to train with him. As someone who has had no martial arts training prior, I am glad I found such a good instructor willing to work with me.
-Jim B.

After studying Taekwondo under multiple instructors for 6+ years, I wanted to try a martial art that would focus less on sport and more on personal development. I had been interested in the idea of aikido for a long time, so I went to visit the closest dojo to my house and looked no further. The quality of a dojo is all about its instructor, and Sensei Eddie Frager is top-notch. I have extremely high standards to which I hold martial arts teachers, and Sensei is the best I have seen. He teaches by demonstration, and the quality of his technique is inspiring. He maintains discipline in class while keeping it light-hearted and fun. The focus is on DOING rather than talking about HOW to do something. And every student is supportive, encouraging and kind; I don’t think Sensei would allow us to be any other way. I have really enjoyed my first four months at the dojo.
-Erik G.

My son does the little kids Aikido class at Bridgetown. This has been a great extra curricular activity. We have seen improvement in focus and body awareness since the class has begun, and appreciate how patient Eddie is with all the children.
-Dolan H.

Bridgetown Aikido is a excellent place to train. The people there are wonderful and the aikido is both accessible and challenging. Frager Sensei is an accomplished instructor and shares a rich aikido lineage with his students.
-Frank H.

Tradition, respect, health, and community are ideas that I cherish and struggle to pass on to my 9 year old daughter. Fortunately, these are foundational concepts that are demonstrated, taught and practiced at Bridgetown Akido. And practiced is the operational word. Over and above the Aikido movements, Eddie helps kids understand these ideas both on and off the mat. Sensei Eddie, owner and instructor, has a wonderful way with kids (he has 3 young kids himself which gives him hands on practice). His continuous encouragement allows each child to feel comfortable in class no matter what their level or ability. He invites each child to stretch but doesn’t push, he doesn’t cajole or force kids into action. He leads them at their own pace as they build familiarity with the art and develop their own innate self-confidence. I watch Sensei Eddie work with my intellectually disabled daughter who is reluctant to try new things, sensitive to receiving instructions and has a minor physical limitation on her right side. She has never left the mat in anger, fear or frustration. She may at times be confused or have difficulty performing some of the techniques, but she always has a joyous smile on her face and is usually one of the last ones out the door. For me, this alone is worth the cost of admission. I like the physical agility that is learned on the mat. But even more I like how Sensei Eddie emphasizes the importance of being centered, thinking clearly, staying relaxed and acting with respect and responsibility both on and off the mat. Often he will ask the kids how have they used these ideas or how could they have used these ideas at school, at home, with friends. I don’t give referrals lightly. Sensei Eddie and Bridgetown Aikido… get a double thumbs up.

After having explored many of the cities Aikido dojos, I was left with only one choice… Bridgetown Aikido. Friendly, yet meaningful, practice that makes for a comfortable introductory experience for beginners and a serious (but not somber) ongoing challenge to improve for more senior participants. More doing, less talking and a warm and supporting community without attitude. It’s been a very positive experience for both my 8 yr old son and me.
-Kenn F.